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Minccino sprite from Black 2 & White 2 & Black & White

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Hey, everyone! I've always been a huge fan of sprite art, and I recently decided to try it for myself through recoloring / small edits! Thank you for checking out my creations, there's more to follow!

Disclaimer: Although I'd eventually like to learn how, I do not create Pokémon or trainer sprites from scratch. I exclusively use official sprites from the games instead, unless I've gotten permission from the artist (proper credit will be given if so).

Trainer & Pokémon Sprites (80x80)

Lugia Av.png
Furret Av.png
Shiny Umb Av.png
Flaaffy Av.png
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nic hype! would love to see more of your work. (also partially writing this cause i need the 100 msges for name change - arnav <3)

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